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Two hoards of stamps have been mixed together and sorted bulk-style into envelopes as there are not enough staff members to help us sort and describe these. These are mostly World-Wide, perhaps 1% to 2% older U.S. seen here and there. Mostly from Europe, Russia, Germany, England, South America and Asia with some French African and other colonies seen. Judging from samples, perhaps as much as a third of these date from the 1880s to the 1920s. Approximately one-third were issued from the 1930s to the 1950s. And the remaining one-third or so might fall in the 1960s to 1980s with a few odd and curious later issues. These have all been well mixed together and placed into large 8x10 envelopes, Approximately 200 to 400 stamps per envelope. Some are in both old and new glassine envelopes, many are in old small envelopes perhaps before glassines were around. A lot of the older issues are MNH, Fine or so, newer issues seem to be around F-VF. There are plenty of canceled stamps too, some are handwritten cancels and some have odd and curious cancellations. We pulled out ten packages at random to check for value and found that many stamps had a catalog conservatively graded Scott catalog value of $5 to $50, with some much higher and some a bit lower. Average total Scott value per package was $557.00, the lowest of the ten sampled was $473.00 and the highest of the ten sampled packages was $788.00. These estimates did not include some fascinating and attractive revenues and other issues from the Victorian era. We couldn't add their value because we were unable to find these many of the rare items listed in any of our catalogs. Such issues are included free and we'll make sure each package has at least a few. Other than this, we cannot fulfill any specific requests of any kind, all of these stamps have been mixed and placed in packages at random with no sorting by country, topics, etc. As almost all of the stamps we are offering here are different, no two packages will be alike. We are offering these as follows:

  • A 1/2 sample package, $40.00.         (Approximately 500 stamps $200 catalog value)
  • 1 full-size package $60.00.            (Approximately 1,000 stamps $500 catalog value)
  • 2 full packages $100.00.             (Approximately 2,000 stamps $1,000 catalog value)
  • 4 full packages $160.00.             (Approximately 4,000 stamps $2,000 catalog value)
  • 10 full packages $300.00.          (Approximately 10,000 stamps $5,000 catalog value)


  • 20 packages per customer.





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