"Thank you. I just receive the order today and it was some excellent coins. I wanted to thank you for the order and how everyone has worked with me. Thank you very much."


"I'm glad I bought all of the variety books from you guys. So far, I've found a 1950-D/S Quarter and a 1912-S Nickel and a 1901 Double Die obverse Morgan dollar. The current batch I'm still looking through and doesn't appear to be as rich, but so far I have found a 1909-S Indian cent. Although dark and ugly, Beverly Hills Numismatics offered me $150 for it. Not bad for a coin that I paid less than a dollar for. Thanks."

-Bob Greenberg, Culver City, CA

"Thank you very much for another winner!! I resold most of the 10,000 coins in two months, with about a 35% profit overall and 2,000 more coins that I kept for myself ! Enclosed find a check for 20,000 of your "Old Coin Bulk Lots" (.98 cents per coin)"

-Brad Montgomery, Mobile, Alabama

"Thank you for another great lot. I won't tell you what I found but I think the enclosed check will show my gratitude. I've been ordering bulk lots and surprise packages from many sources for many years, and I confess that I tried out a few other places after I bought from you. But I keep coming back to you because yours are the best by far. Keep up the good work and I'll keep sending the checks. I and my kids love searching through all the goodies every time your "care packages" arrive. Thank you again."

-Jason Pitt, Manhattan, New York


"Looking forward to receiving my order of 200 Morgan Dollars, VF-AU, your coins never disappoint!

Thanks Again!"

- Jessica Mishich, New Mexico

"I was pleased with the contents of my penny bag and will be ordering more."

- Chris Peters, Virginia

"I should also add that this is my third order with you good folks and I have been very pleased with the coins I have received so far.

Thank you in advance for your time and attention.


- Al Hall,  IN


"Thank you very much for the coins in my last order, they were great. My dad loved the pennies and we had fun seeing what was in the the bag. I have another order to place."


"Over the years, I've ordered from about a dozen dealers on the net.. I've narrowed it down to two and perhaps one. Your firm consistently delivers the best quality and value for the past seven years now, and you always have the best selection. Enclosed find my 10th, larger order for 10,000-coin Wholesale Bulk Lot. The last nine contained many keepers and I even found a 1936 Double Die cent.. Thanks again"

David Myers, KS


" I received the 300 coin purchase - thank you. I want to order a larger quantity of coins this time. My intention is to keep a few nice coins and sell the rest on E-bay and make a little bit of money."

                                                                                                                                                                      - Ryan Lee



I just had tell you I was impressed with the quality of these coins. (Rolls of 20 BU Morgan Dollars)

Beautiful lustre and strike. If any more come your way, let me know.



                                                                          Reed E Phillips.



The coins I am getting from you are great (4 orders came in last week).

I referred you to a friend, who put in an order for 1,000 of the "bulk lot coins" also.


Thanks again for the great coins.
There are a lot of dealers out there, and many are very
good, but I have never dealt with anyone as responsive
as you are regarding customer service.

G. Lamberson
Consultant - Upstream Oil and Gas


I would like to order 2 more lots of 500 diff. tokens/oddities.  I have had
great success finding great "keepers"
with these lots as well as success moving the rest of
them on the internet, local consignment auctions, etc.
Great product.

Evans Godwin, AZ


"I have received my 1922 plain and I am very happy with it. I feel that it was just slightly under graded. (A pleasant surprise since most dealers tend to overgrade). I have been collecting Lincoln cents since 1968, and now my set is finally complete. I also have all the proofs from 1950 to 2002 along with most of the doubled cents. Without the 1922 plain my set appraised for $20,000. Thank you for helping me to finish this set. You will here from me again soon, because I have also been collecting Franklin halves, so now I can concentrate on finishing that set also."

- Hugh E. Mabry, KY


"I have dealt with several dealers who advertise in Coin World and on E-bay and find that their grading is inferior and that they are very unprofessional.  After years of experience, and spending thousands of dollars on coins in the mail, CollectorsInternet and a dealership in New England are the only two coin dealers who I wish to do business with.  Keep up the good work.  Your grading and prices are always better than expected."

- Lawrence Dupont, NY


"Thank you again for another great coin for another great price.  This is the 43rd coin that I have bought from you guys, and it is adding up to a great Morgan Dollar set.  Thanks again."

- Jason McRay, FL


"Just a note of gratitude for helping me and my grandson assemble a nice collection of Large Cents.  We began buying from you back in 1979, and haven't regretted a single transaction.  We've won several awards at the local coin shows, and have you to thank for it.  Keep up the good work!"

 - Ernest Green, Texas


"I have recommended CollectorsInternet to all my buddies at the local coin club, and they all say they are just as happy as I am.  We're all tired of losing our shirts and wasting time on the other on-line auction sites.   You're one of the best dealers around.   Enclosed find my fifth order this year."

 - Dr. Mark Farmer, Ph.D., Washington


"Thank you, I've enjoyed all the coins received so far.  Keep up the great work."

- Gary Leitch, PA 


Our eBay feedback is unbeatable, with a perfect 100% rating since being among the first Coin Dealers to sell on eBay in the 1990s. Here is a recent random sample:


vrsv (284) star May-14-02 20:31:00 PDT 1728577123 B
rodney9983 (67) star May-13-02 03:04:05 PDT 1519550066 S
Praise : Terrific goods; Great to do business with;A++++++++
no.36 (2014) star May-09-02 20:56:45 PDT 1346889026 S
Praise : Super Nice Coin THANKS!!!!
sfoss (473) star May-09-02 16:46:25 PDT 1534468660 B
fantasia4 (2504) star May-08-02 22:36:11 PDT 1727025577 B
boobaaboo (954) star May-08-02 18:38:47 PDT 1727285257 B
digitaldogpound (11862) star  about me May-08-02 06:14:22 PDT 865510555 B
Praise : Very prompt, great to deal with, 21stcenturycds.com thanks you!
smill*  (private) May-06-02 15:19:57 PDT 1346495991 S
Praise : You won't find a more reputable seller on eBay. Thanks!
beckybeito (50) star May-05-02 01:53:33 PDT 856964734 S
Praise : excellent transaction!! Thank You!!!
tsimpson1 (62) star May-02-02 08:11:24 PDT 1346885726 S
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