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Want to know how to clean your excessive dirt from Ancient coins?

Items required for best results: soap, water, magnifying glass, dull scalpel, and of course time and patience.

We normally do not recommend cleaning coins, as this takes away from their natural appearance and their interesting ageing process.  However, we sell thousands of uncleaned coins each year and are asked this question time and time again, so here is our answer:

Whatever amount you have purchased we recommend you clean them in small batches of 10. We only recommend manual cleaning, that is to say by hand, not chemical cleaning (acids etc). This is because once you use chemicals there is no turning back, it may seem the quickest solution but it rarely gives the best results, and after all it takes all the fun out of it. If you follow the simple steps below you should get the best results.

Step one.    Purchase your uncleaned coins from CollectorsInternet (of course).

Step two.    Take 10 coins at a time and wash in warm water using soap and an old toothbrush; this will take off the surface dust and any loose dirt.

Step three.    Using a free standing magnifying glass and a dull scalpel or modelers knife, carefully pick away at the dirt that still adheres to the coins surface (usually best while they are still damp). Be careful not to scratch, chip or damage any of the coins.

Step four.    Repeat steps one and two until all or most of the dirt has been removed.

Please remember commonsense should prevail and we at CollectorsInternet cannot be held responsible for any damage, loss or injuries incurred while following these guide lines (Guidelines are for adults only). 

Also remember! Once a coin is ruined, it's ruined for good! So take your time and enjoy the experience.

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